MR6 Pistol from Call of Duty

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“Semi-auto pistol. Strongest damage in class.”The MR6 is a semi-automatic Pistol in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is received at the start of every game on the featured maps, used while downed, and received when respawned. This gun has high competition with its predecessors as it has similar statistics such as damage and recoil patterns and Pack-a-Punch. The MR6 has significance in killing characters, such as Dr. Salim in "Demon Within", John Taylor in "Lotus Towers", and Sebastian Krueger, Jacob Hendricks, and the Player themselves in "Life". The product comes on a wooden frame with a glass window. 

The frame includes fixings to hang on the wall, either landscape or portrait.

:raised_hands: Hand-Made MR6 SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL Home Decor
:straight_ruler: Size: 31cm x 23cm / 12.2 x 9.05 inches
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