M7/Caseless Submachine from Halo

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The M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (M7/SMG) is a personal defense weapon developed and manufactured by Misriah Armory. It is commonly used by infantry, special forces, and vehicle crews of the UNSC Armed Forces. A suppressed version of the weapon, the M7S SMG, is often issued to special operations personnel.
Originally, the M7 SMG was issued solely to vehicle crews as an emergency weapon; however, the submachine gun became widely used during the Insurrection. The weapon became favored by paramilitary police units and UNSC Special Forces units for its efficiency in eliminating insurgents located in orbital habitats and cluttered urban environments. Due to this efficacy, the M7 was also popular with those same Insurrectionists. Although the UNSC began trialing a replacement for the weapon, the M7 SMG remains the current submachine gun model used by the UNSC following the Human-Covenant War.
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:raised_hands: Hand-Made Halo 3 M7/Caseless SMG
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