M1911 Handgun from Call of Duty

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The M1911 is an American semi-automatic pistol featured in almost every installment of the Call of Duty series. It is the most frequently shown weapon in the series.

"A standard issue pistol for American paratroopers, favored by British airborne forces as well. The 7-round magazine is small, but the stopping power of the large .45 caliber round makes the Colt useful in a pinch."

— Call of Duty manual description.The Colt .45 is the sidearm used by the American infantry. It has a seven-round magazine, relatively low accuracy and does average damage. It is most useful when the player does not have time to reload their primary weapon, or if their primary weapon is a bolt-action rifle and they need to engage enemies at close range.

Material: 100% biodegradable plastic made from corn starch and natural ingredients. (PLA)

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