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We can make any items.
Here is list of replicas we have already made:
Thorn, Ace of Spades (metalic one too), Hawkmoon, Last Word, The Rat King, Sunshot, Crimson, Sunshot Red Dwarf, Hawkmoon Ashen on Wings and of course Ghost.
These hand cannons costs starting from 100 EUR with shipping included. If you can`t find your favorite replicas, write us a message and we will calculate the price and estimated time to make it.

For our standart replicas it will take 7 - 10 business days to deliver your order. We are using FedEx shipping, to make sure your order is trackable and secured. Shipping is included in product price.

Our standart replicas costs from 100 EUR till 250 EUR, with shipping included. If you would like to make a custom order, prices will start from 300 EUR.

Our team creates items with special care for details and real authenticity. We use only 100% biodegradable plastic made from corn starch and natural ingredients. It's 100% food and plant safe. As our items are handmade, it can take up to 7 days to make your items ready for shipping.

Step 1 - Create or find exact 3D files and set these up for printing.
Step 2 - Print the necessary pieces. (indisputably longest process)
Step 3 - Grind and polish printed pieces.
Step 4 - Grind and polish more to set the replica ready for painting.
Step 5 - Hand paint every little detail of the replica.

We are creating behind the scenes content at our Instagram page, so you can see more there, follow us @gaminggains.