Video game becomes reality


We are a group of passionate gamers that brought their skills and knowledge together to become the leading producer of memorabilia from video games, movies, and books, bringing real-life experience.
The Gaming Gains brand was founded because there was a lack of in-game items available in real life.

That's why we decided it would be a good idea to bring video games, movies, and book accessories to real-life by 3D printing them!
Along the way, we've attracted hundreds of people interested in video games and 3D prints.

Gaming Gains makes video game gun replicas, video game masks, 3D wall arts, bookends, headphone holders, plant pots and other 3D printed staf from moovies and games like Call of Duty or Hallo.

Our team creates items with care for details and authenticity, bringing the rewarding experience of in-game success to life.

We want to be the one source where passionate gamers and cosplayers can find their top-quality in-game weapon replicas and other accessories.

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