Video game becomes reality


Welcome to Gaming Gains!

Gaming Gains brand was literally founded because of one and only reason: create an unforgettable in-game experience for all the gaming communities.

We are group of passionate gamer's who have decided to bring their skills and knowledge together and pursue the dream of becoming the leading producer of gaming accessories and replicas in the world.

That's why we decided that it would be an amazing idea to bring video games and movies to real-life by handcrafting them!

Along the way, we've attracted thousands of people who are interested in video games and 3D prints.

You probably have a question that why 3D printing?

Well, 3D printing allows us to freely listen to your feedback and constantly improve our products as well as make custom designs.

We can print and handcraft literally everything. You name it. The whole process of creating one replica looks something like this:

Step 1: Create or find exact 3D files and set these up for printing.
Step 2: Print the necessary pieces. (indisputably longest process)
Step 3: Grind and polish printed pieces.
Step 4: Glue pieces together.
Step 5: Grind and polish more to set the replica ready for painting.
Step 6: Hand paint every little detail of the replica.

Long and precise process, so that's why order processing takes a little bit longer too!

With full transparency, we have made mistakes, learned from them, made more again and improved again.

We can never say that we are the best ones, but high-quality is definitely our first name.
Our team creates items with special care for details and real authenticity.

Gaming Gains can create literally everything. You name it.

Long story short, want to be the best source where passionate gamer's and cos-players can find their top-quality in-game weapon props, replicas and other accessories.

Welcome to our journey! 


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